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Our Story

Drs. Pete and Lolin met while attending Western States Chiropractic College (Now, University of Western States.), in the early 1990’s.  He had just gotten off active duty in the Marine Corps after serving in the Gulf War and was assigned as the Battery Commander of a Marine Reserve Artillery Unit in Spokane, Washington when he began his first year of study.  Dr. Lolin was in her fourth and final year of her Doctorate program.  They met in the library and found they both had an affinity for dogs.  Dr. Lolin had a Black Lab and a German Shepherd.  Dr. Pete had an Australian Shepherd and an American Pit-bull.  


Dr. Lolin had spent the previous 7 years living in the West, hiking, camping and rock climbing after graduating from the University of Maryland.  Dr. Pete had attended Syracuse University on a rowing scholarship and trained for the National Team prior to Graduating Officer Candidate School and becoming a Commissioned Marine Officer.  Their mutual love for the outdoors and the West solidified their friendship as they found new hikes and rivers to take their dogs to.  Since Dr. Pete had to travel for the Marine Corps most weekends, Dr. Lolin volunteered to watch his dogs.


After graduating in 1992 and passing her Board Exams, Dr. Lolin began her practice in West Lynn, Oregon as Dr. Pete continued through the next three years of his program.  The Marine Corps and his grueling course of study still demanded a lot of his effort and energy but by the time Dr. Pete graduated in 1996, they were married, now had 5 dogs and a baby boy named Caleb.


Having both grown up on the East Coast; Dr Lolin from Silver Spring, Maryland and Dr. Pete from Rowley, Massachusetts, they decided to move back to the East Coast so Caleb would grow up knowing his family.  When Caleb was 7 months old, they packed up and moved back East…Dr. Lolin driving a big orange 1984 Chevy Suburban with Caleb in a car seat up front and 5 dogs hanging out every window in the back, while Dr. Pete drove the 36 foot moving truck.  During the 5 day trip, they hit every weather system imaginable, as well as a skunk that nailed all five dogs outside of St. Louis, Missouri.  Needless to say, their start of their new live was an adventure…and it has not stopped since!


Having decided to settle in Leesburg, Virginia, they started their practice in 1997. Between spending weekends on the sidelines of soccer fields, football fields, wrestling mats, rivers for rowing events and any other activity Caleb’s life led them to, and always putting a premium on continuing education and professional development, life has been full, busy and lively ever since.


Caleb graduated from JMU in 2018 and was sworn in and commissioned into the United States Marine Corps by Dr. Pete.  This was a proud day for all!


These days, both doctors are busy with their respective practices.  Dr. Lolin has expanded her reach and presence online and is recognized as a preeminent expert in her field with patients all over the U.S and Europe.  Dr. Pete continues to see patients at their office in Leesburg three days a week, as well as teach and coach younger doctors.  He has also moved his wildly successful and popular 10-Week Weight Loss for Life Course to an online platform so he can help more people benefit from this unique program he has been offering for the past 11 years.   

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