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We don’t have a vaccine or treatment for coronavirus, so it is time to GET HEALTHY!

There are a million and one ways to get healthier, but taking supplements is definitely a punch on the EASY button. Here is my top five.

First on my list is zinc citrate.

Many C19 patients report loss of taste and smell, classic signs of a zinc deficiency. You have to have zinc for a healthy immune response, so this is a good place to start. We become deficient in zinc by eating too much sugar and starches. You have to have zinc to make insulin, so every time you eat sugar you are depleting your zinc stores. This may explain why those with diabetes and/or obesity have poorer outcomes with C19.

Next on my list is vitamin A.

I prefer to get mine from cod liver oil, a natural source, as many people react to synthetic forms of vitamin A. In studies of countries that can’t afford vaccines, vitamin A provides protection from the childhood diseases of measles mumps and rubella thus earning its’ reputation in the medical community and the Merck Manual as the “anti-infective” vitamin. It strengthens the immune system preventing infection in the first place.

Vitamin D is similarly a key player in immune function.

Studies show that the higher your D is the lower your risk of all types of cancers. One study on C19 and Vit D found that those with a significant deficiency died at a rate of 98.9% versus those with normal levels of vitamin D who died at a 4.1% rate. You’ll want to do a natural source of D from fish, and even better get some sun. It’s cheap. 4000 IU twice a day is a good long term maintenance dose, but you should test your D level because absorption of D and manufacture of vitamin D in the body vary widely across individuals.

Vitamin C is the swiss army knife of nutrients, it does all things.

It is key to immune function and many C19 patients are recovering with Vitamin C intravenous therapy. If you have sugar handling issues (if you don’t know, get tested) your body’s cells will reject vitamin C because it unfortunately looks and walks and talks like glucose (sugar). This will decrease the ability of our immune system to work. Another reason why diabetics and overweight people fare worse with C19.

When tissue is damaged by invading microbes, there is a calcium flash that signals the immune system to come and fight. Without this flash, an infection is not well contained. There is more calcium in our bodies than all the other nutrients put together, and that also means calcium is used in virtually all processes. Good sources of calcium are bone broth, all animal proteins, and vegetables-which may be why chicken soup is so good for people that are sick. If you are taking calcium, then you should balance it with magnesium and potassium. I use citrate as it is absorbed best, so you don’t need high doses. One of my favorite products is TriAlkali by Pure Encapsulations. The loose powder is very economical and has stevia in it, a natural low cal sweetener, so is a great addition to water bottles, tea, coffee, and smoothies.

Don’t get your supplements at the drugstore, Costco or grocery store. That’s like shopping for dinner at the dollar store. There is a high end distribution site called Fullscript on my website under SHOP or go to Supplements are in high demand now and many brands sell out so I have identified several of my favorites to make the shopping as easy as possible.

Be well

Dr Lolin

Food First Doc

You can trace every sickness, every disease, every ailment to a mineral deficiency.

Linus Pauling, PhD (1901-1994)

Two time Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Lolin Kathryn Hilgartner, DC, CNS

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